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About Us

Al-Ebadi Group Co.

It is with honor to introduce Al-Ebadi Group to you as one of the leading group enrolled in the contracting, supplies & other business activities in Iraq. Our group consist of many companies that have been founded in Iraq 8 neighbouring countries covering various trade, construction, Oil & Gas, and general supplying activities. We have honest, qualified and highly experienced staff, besides a strong financial assets.



(A Historical Summary of Al-Ebadi Group Companies for Trading and Contracts)

We would like to state to you the history of our Company groups since its foundation in the year 1963 as a company to practice the commercial works that it became one of the biggest companies in Iraq in the fields of Trading & Contracts, it has two main head office in Baghdad and Basra, and two secondary head offices in Al-Amara & Al-Diwaniya , we belong to a deep-rooted family in Al-Basrah that has worked in the field of Trading since decades , father of the Company Manager was a founder of Barsra Chamber of Commerce , Iraqi Dates Society and some of the Treasury houese in Basra.

In the year 1963, we worked in the field of Trade as an independent company in the name of Tawfiq Juma'a Al-Ebadi for Trading Foodstuff and exporting dates, the company has continued in this work for a period of Five years, then we stopped practicing such activity due to the State nationalization  of trading of foodstuff, this activity was confined to the State only, thus we have been transferred towards trading of the Constructional Materials (Steel & Wood) and practiced such activity for the period from 1968-1972 with great activity where we were financing the local market almost totally.

Since this trade is in connection with fields of the Constructional Contracts, we have made an idea about establishment of an independent Constructional Contracts Company, actually, the establishment of this Company was under the same name of the year 1971, and the company was registered with the Ministry of Planning in the Sixth class. Hence, our march in the fields of Contracts began and we may summarize the following as part of what had been performed by our Company to execute the projects, where there is no space to state all the executed works for they are so many, through which, we have achieved distinguished leaps in quality, that made us one of the greatest companies, classified in the First-class in Iraq, its number does not exceeds 50 companies of such class.


About Us