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Soft Drinks, Juices and Water Production

1 million bottles a day production lines

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Food Industry

High quality flour production. 500 tons a day production capacity

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Construction & Contracting

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Al Ebadi Group

It is with honor to introduce Al-Ebadi Group to you as one of the leading group enrolled in the contracting, supplies & other business activities in Iraq. Our group consist of many companies that have been founded in Iraq 8 neighbouring countries covering various trade, construction, Oil & Gas, and general supplying activities. We have honest, qualified and highly experienced staff, besides a strong financial assets.

Directors Message

Taofiq Al Ebadi

Welcome to Al Ebadi Group. 

This company embodies the aspirations of founding shareholders, have a vision to launch a dedicated national development partnership that seeks to help their country recover from years of turmoil and obstacles, and to contribute to the rebuilding and strengthening of economic sectors by following international standards to serve the sustainable survival of the Iraqi economy. Also have ability to compete in the regional and global economic arena with investment tools. 

Our success is based on the absolute commitment of our employees who make up the greatest value for us.

About Us


Al Ebadi Group

We would like to state to you the history of our Company groups since its foundation in the year 1963 as a company to practice the commercial works that it became one of the biggest companies in Iraq in the fields of Trading & Contracts, it has two main head office in Baghdad and Basra, and two secondary head offices in Al-Amara & Al-Diwaniya , we belong to a deep-rooted family in Al-Basrah that has worked in the field of Trading since decades , father of the Company Manager was a founder of Barsra Chamber of Commerce , Iraqi Dates Society and some of the Treasury houese in Basra.

In the year 1963, we worked in the field of Trade as an independent company in the name of Tawfiq Juma'a Al-Ebadi for Trading Foodstuff and exporting dates, the company has continued in this work for a period of Five years, then we stopped practicing such activity due to the State nationalization  of trading of foodstuff, this activity was confined to the State only, thus we have been transferred towards trading of the Constructional Materials (Steel & Wood) and practiced such activity for the period from 1968-1972 with great activity where we were financing the local market almost totally.

Since this trade is in connection with fields of the Constructional Contracts, we have made an idea about establishment of an independent Constructional Contracts Company, actually, the establishment of this Company was under the same name of the year 1971, and the company was registered with the Ministry of Planning in the Sixth class. Hence, our march in the fields of Contracts began and we may summarize the following as part of what had been performed by our Company to execute the projects, where there is no space to state all the executed works for they are so many, through which, we have achieved distinguished leaps in quality, that made us one of the greatest companies, classified in the First-class in Iraq, its number does not exceeds 50 companies of such class. 

Our History


Al Ebadi Group has its place within many industries by significant investments. Suitable cost, high quality products and supplying goods 

  • Construction
  • Contracting
  • Project Management

Hendasat Alebdaa

Handasat Alebdaa is characterized by extensive experience and a long-standing administrative staff working for more than 40 years. The company focuses on the human element which it considers the basis of continuity, success and quality in the work, while keeping abreast of technological advances in all fields of engineering.

  • Asphalt Production

Albasra Company

Albasra Company has completed several asphalt projects for the public and private sectors. These factories provide the best types of cold and hot asphalt and all its products with high production capacity according to the highest standards.

  • Grinding Grain
  • Flour

Al Mithaq

Al Mithaq Company is one of the leading companies that have a prominent role in achieving economic development and providing the needs of citizens with the most important food commodities in the Iraqi airspace. Established in 1988 as part of the planning prepared by the State, the company proceeded with deliberate steps and successive stages, by updated the factory and import new lines of (400 tons / day)  from global chains in 2010 to achieve the most important goals about the establishment of an integrated industry for grain storage, flour production and animal feed processing and contribute to the introduction of other food industries linked or complementary to the above.

  • Food Industry
  • Soft Drinks
  • Juices
  • Energy Drink


Umniah Company For Food, Juices and Soft drinks, is one of subsidiary of Al Ebadi Group, founded in 2015, the production capacity is 40000 cans per hour and the factory of italian origin.

The company will contribute to support the national economy and development of food industry in the country.

It will start production in the second half of this year under supervision of foreign experts.

There are new projects will be initiated by the company in the beginning of next year as below:

1 - Establishment of new factory for flour production in Qurna district north of Basrah city, the production capacity is 300. tons per day, the factory of europian origin, to secure the local market needs of different kinds of flour.

2 - Develop and expand Al-Meethaq flour factory (300 tons/day) which located in Basrah city by adding new production lines..

We are moving to develop the food industry in country.

  • Tourism
  • Travel
  • Transportation

Tai’r alFayhaa

We work hard to become the first choice for tourists and travelers to international destinations by offering integrated tourism programs and high quality services at competitive prices.

  • For Commercial Agencies

Noor Aljawda

Due to the success of our group , we decided to establish Noor Al Jawda for commercial agencies, as a company that supports our  economic and financial fields. 
Noor Al-Jawda is keen to raise its cadre and provide multiple job opportunities, where the inclusion of employees with training programs aimed at rehabilitating and upgrading their capabilities in line with modern methods in terms of management and organization and exceptional service to customers and quality. In addition to the events that you establish to enhance employee relations and provide job security contribution to the level of performance

  • Agricultural Crops

Janet Alahlam

Due to the growing need for high quality agricultural products, our agricultural company has grown in 2015 and is currently aiming to become a leader in the development of agricultural land in 2025 to support the national economy.

The company works on a model that gives priority to excellence and sustainability, and contributes not only to the prosperity of our partners and employees, but also to the prosperity of our customers and suppliers.

In order to ensure maximum productivity throughout the year, we have spared no expense in obtaining the latest equipment for different stages of land preparation to harvest.

Thanks to our comprehensive logistics structure, our operations have been streamlined to ensure maximum efficiency, from production to final delivery.

  • Oil & Gas Services

Al Romaila Road

Al Romaila Road Oil Company for Logistics (ARRCO). ARRCO is one of the oldest companies operating in Iraq. The company was established ….. and is duly registered with the Iraqi Federation of Contractors and the Ministry of Planning in accordance with the regulations of the Iraqi Companies Registrar. Throughout its long history, ARRCO developed into a versatile firm with a wide range of capabilities. Moreover our team of people include a large pool of human skills and qualifications.



Our mission is to continue providing excellence and quality through our services. We are keen to exceed customers’ expectations and deliver jobs on time.


  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Contracting
  • General Trading
  • Construction

Engineering & Construction

We are proud to provide specialized Engineering, Design, Project Management, Contracting, General Trading, Construction services in each sector that we operate and serve. Al- Ebadi is dealing with your business as its core mission, we tailor each services to your business’s needs ensuring our partners executing the best of their projects successfully. We work alongside construction companies in Iraq offering them plumbing services on site, life support supplies and Power Generators.

  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Construction Equipment

Equipment Supply

AI-Ebadi represents a number of highly reputed International manufactures of mechanical equipment, Electrical Equipment and construction equipment.

  • Foundation of new offices
  • Recruiting staff
  • Hiring vehicle and furniture

Logistics Services

AI-Ebadi Group offers a full range of Logistics and Operations services including the foundation of new offices, recruiting staff, hiring vehicle and furniture. We have a strong connections with Governmental and non-Governmental bodies and would like with pleasure offering you a customs clearance, transportation, storage and warehousing services.

32500 sqm warehouse

  • Construcion
  • Repair & Renovation
  • Maintenance
  • Flange Management

Oil & Gas Services

The group provide fittings, gauges, high pressure hoses and fabrication instruments to our oil and Gas business partners in Iraq. Morover, we work alongside with our joint ventures and Represented Companies such as Alaska International FZ CO. to execute on their behalf various projects in Iraq of the nature of storage tank terminal construction oil refinery construction.

 AI-Ebadi always and ever execute Project to the best to their ability and knowledge as per International Standards and Procedures.

Romailah Road for Oil Field Services



About our projects

Projects Completed

1971 - 1975

Since the years 1971-1975

A.   To establish 100 houses with the internal streets and sewages for the Ministry of Industry/Paper Factory in Basra, costing at 380 Thousand Dinars.

B.   The Company has supported Polanski & Zonur Company with the concrete works and established buildings at the paper factory in Basra, costing at 460 Thousand Dinars.

C.   To establish earth dams for the Ministry of Irrigation in Basra and Amara at 80km length separately costing at 600000 Dinars.

D.   To establish (8) Schools for the Ministry of Autonomy in Al-Amara Gov. costing at 350 Thousand Dinars.

E.   A contract was assigned to the Company to establish internal streets network in Basra Gov., costing at 475000 Dinars, through the execution of such work, Asphalt Production Factory was bought.

A Private Company has been established for Asphalt Production & Roads Works named as Al-Furat Company for Asphalt Production, for distinction of the company in execution of the works assigned with during the above mentioned period, we had submitted a request to the Ministry of Planning to amend the company class. to the Fourth class., the approval was obtained to amend the class in order that the company can participate to carry out the big projects.

Projects Completed

1975 - 1980


  1. The Company has executed service projects for the Directorate of Basra Municipality at a total cost amounting to Two million Dinars, including construction of residential complexes, internal streets, markets and parks in each of the Municipality of Al-Haritha/Al-Sayba/Al-Fao/Al-Qurna/Al-Deir/Talha/Al-Thaghir.

  2. To carry out the constructions works of tanks bases, bridges & internal roads networks for South Oil Company at cost of 900 Thousand Dinar.

  3. To carry out roads & sewages network of the residential areas in Basra/Al-Hakimiya/Al-Ma'aqal/Al-Qaid road at cost of 500000 Dinars.

  4. To carry out earth dams to control floods over Tigris & Euphrates Rivers in Basra & Amara at 40 km length for the Ministry of Irrigation at cost of 650000 Dinars.

  5. To carry out a complete residential complex for South Oil Company, consisting of (40) houses with the streets and sewages at cost of 850000 Dinars.

  6. To support the Japanese Company with the concrete works in Khur AL-Zubair Port Quays at cost of 600 Thousand Dinars.

Projects Completed

1980 - 1985


In view of scope of the concrete works executed by the Company in the above mentioned periods, the idea to establish a company specialized in pre-casting concrete works was created by us. Where Al-Ebadi Co. for pre-casting concrete through buying two central mixers with Ten concrete trucks, Two concrete pumps and other supplementary equipment of work. That encourage us to expand Building & Construction works, the company has fulfilled the following works:


1)    The big capability of the company elected by the minority of the Iraqi companies to implement the engineering effort projects of the State during the period of the Iraq-Iranian war, where our company has accomplished Tens of Kilometers of roads inside the war fronts, costing at 875 Thousand Dinars.

2)    To execute sewage networks of the residential areas in Basra at 35km length separately within the sectors of Bariha/Al-Ashar/Al-Estiqlal St., costing at 700 Thousand Dinars.

3)    We have participated with Taha Al-Hadithi Co. to implement Al-Haritha water project, costing at 1850000. - dinars.

4)    To execute internal streets network in Basra city at 35km length, costing at 1250000 Dinars for Basra Municipality Dept.

5)    To execute service complexes for Al-Diwaniya Municipality, Al-Amara Municipality and Al-Nasiriya Municipality Dept. (Markets-Parks-Service Buildings), costing at 1150000Dinars.

6)    To execute earth dams inside the war fronts at the southern area at 55km length, costing at 1400000 Dinars.

7)    Our Company has participated in execution of Basra International Airport with the German Company Palfinkar Parker through the concrete works and supplying constructional materials, costing at 680000 Dinars.

8)    To execute project 218-316 at the Southern area for the Engineering effort of the State, costing at 1250000 Dinars.

9)    The establishment of an airstrip in Albrjsiya for the Ministry of Defense with the streets in 1981.

10) The establishment of an airstrip in Albutain for the Ministry of Defense with the streets in 1984 .

Projects Completed

1985 - 1990

Since the years 1985 - 1990

A-   To execute Adnan Military Airport in Al-Shuai'ba at cost of 1000000 Dinars that is Helicopters runway for the Ministry of Defense.

B-   To execute the ammunition stores in Al-Nasiriya Gov. for the Ministry of Defense at cost of 1350000 Dinars.

C-   To execute streets network in Al-Rumaila area for the Ministry of Oil at 25km length at cost of 750 Thousand Dinars.

D-   To participate executing of Aukashat Project in the western area with 4000m2 (earth works, and concrete casting works) at cost of 650000 Dinas.

E-   To execute the water way project from Qurna to Qalaat Saleh at 56km length in the left side for the Ministry of Defense at cost of 1450000 Dinars.


During the previous period and to expand the company's works, the company has reinforced its fleet with machinery and equipment and bought Thermeston Factory and lime bricks factory from the Ministry of Industry & Minerals when the State began the privatization project at cost of 8 Million Dinars and Al-Mithaq Flour Factory has been bought also at cost of 4 Million Dinars, the company rendered as having a number of factories and plants in addition to a great numbers of equipment. We have submitted a request to the Ministry of Planning to classify the company in the First class, this was made according to the scope of the executed works by the company and for the big capabilities which qualifies the company to be among the First companies in Iraq.

Projects Completed

1990 - 1993

Since the years 1990 - 1993

A.   To execute 40km of Basra water canal for the Military Industrialization Commission at cost of 2250000 Dinars.

B.   To execute earth works in The General Estuary Project from Al-Diwaniya to AL-Samawa with establishing two big bridges on the river at cost of 1750000Dinars.

C.   Separate projects for the Military Industrialization Commission among which are pavement of the internal roads of iron and steel factory, paper factory and south power station at cost of 1250000 Dinars.


     Then, the company stopped its works in the field of contracts due to the blockade.

Projects Completed

2000 - 2005

Since the years 2000 - 2005

A.   To execute the festivals field in Basra at cost of 3000000000 Dinars.

B.   To execute roads in Al-Nasiriya for the State Commission of Roads and Bridges at 50km length at cost of One Billion Dinar.

C.   To execute roads in Basra for the State Commission of Roads and Bridges at cost of 750000000 Dinars.

D.   To pave the internal roads of the Sixth station/West Qurna for the Ministry of Oil at cost of 260000000 Dinars.

E.   Our last works with Bechtel International System  to reconstruct the old and new Um Qasr port and Um Qasr Silo at cost of $2000000.

Projects Completed

2005 - 2011

Since the years 2005 - 2011

A.   To execute Construction of police head quarter in Faw city for Ministry of Interior at coast 650,000 dollar.

B.   To execute Rehabilitation of police building in Madayna cityfor Ministry of Interior at coast 300,000 dollar.

C.   To executeRehabilitation of customs and  border police building in Basra for Ministry of Interior at coast 150,000 dollar .

D.   To execute Construction of battalion garrison in Kumayt Amara for Iraqi army  at coast 10,000,000 dollar .

Projects Completed

2011 - 2016

Since the years 2011 - 2016

A.   To execute rehabilitation of iraqi airlines building in Baghdad international at coast 1250,000 dollar.

B.   To execute Kuwait grant to construction of schools in southof Iraq for ministry of education at coast 23000,000 dollar.

C.   To execute r Rehabilitation of Um Qaser navy base for ministry of defence at coast 23000,000 dollar.

D.   To execute rehabilitition of Alzubair-Nasiryah road for ministry of transportation at coast 500,000 dollar.

E.   To execute rehabilitition of Safwan- Om qasir road for ministry of transportation at coast 600,000 dollar

Since 1963


We are proud to serve our clients